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Asphalt Sealcoating


There are a number of ways that you can proactively look after any asphalt surface around your home long term, rather than simply waiting for a problem to occur. 

One of the best options around is asphalt sealcoating. 

Asphalt sealcoating applies a tough outer coating to your existing asphalt paving, rendering it far greater protection from the elements, vehicle traffic, UV damage and anything else thrown at it. 

For this reason, asphalt sealcoating greatly prolongs the operational life of your asphalt paving and is a great home maintenance investment in terms of return on investment. 


Sealcoating Your Asphalt Surface

What is sealcoating exactly? It is a process whereby a special sealcoat is applied over the top layer of your asphalt surface. This sealcoat then fills in any imperfections, greatly reducing its vulnerability to daily wear and tear.

This means over time it’ll be more resistant to cracks, potholes, crevices and other serious kinds of damage. 

A little bit of preventive maintenance now can mean a lot fewer problems down the line.  


Benefits of Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating and driveway paving offer a range of benefits. 

The first is that fact it’s an easy way to restore the look of your asphalt surface and provides it some protection.

Short term, it’s an easier, and cheaper, way to reverse any wear and tear that your asphalt surface might be beginning to show. 

Long term, it offers your surface protection, especially from water damage, and can increase the lifespan of your surface, saving you money on replacement costs in the future.


Water Damage

One the most common, and sometimes destructive, forms of damage that sealcoating your asphalt surface can prevent is water damage. 

Large cracks, crevices, and potholes that can develop as part of natural wear and tear might look relatively harmless. However, if they are large enough to allow water to seep into your surface this can be a serious issue. 

Filling in all of these imperfections, with sealcoating, is a simple solution to this problem. 


One Less Thing to Worry About

Taking the time to provide your asphalt paving with this form of preventative maintenance means that there’s just one last thing you need to worry about. 

You don’t need to worry about some problem developing, unseen, within your paved surfaces. And, for that matter, neither do you need to worry about sudden and unwelcome repair bills down the line. 

Sealcoating is inexpensive, preventive and great value for your money. If you’d like to learn more, just give us a call or write to us using the contact form.

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